Sunday, September 6, 2009

Foreign Infiltration of the United States Government

I have now read for a second time the testimony of the apparently credible Sibel Edmonds.

Based on her testimony, the only conclusion one can reach is that a Turkish government spy ring, perhaps acting for the interests of Turkey, perhaps as a cutout spy ring acting for the interests of another country or some combination of both, has infiltrated, in a massive way, "high levels of the United States government".

We are talking about the Pentagon, the State Department and Congress.

It is mind boggling that there is not major league front page coverage. 24 hour cable coverage. I repeat, a very credible person who was an FBI contract worker assigned to listen in on the wire tapped conversations of Turkish spies says that those spies have penetrated the Pentagon, the State Department and Congress.

When the FBI hired another Turkish translator, who turned out to be a member of one of the Turkish organizations that was spying on the United States, she reported this to her FBI bosses.

The new trnaslator visited Edmonds house with her husband. The translator's husabnd was at the time a major with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Major Douglas Dickerson, and he was working for neo-conservative Douglas Feith's office and was a coordinator with the State Department on the Republics in Central Asia.

Edmonds believes the visit was a recruitment attempt by the husband and wife for her to join one of the Turkish organizations that was operating one of the spy rings:

Q And during that discussion, during that visit, did you come to belive that Ms. Dickerson was recruiting you?

A Yes, I did.

Q For what?

A They wanted me to joint the American Turkish Council, and they told me that I would be provided with many benefits, both monetary but also prestigious benefits, if I were to enroll with them.

Q Okay, and did you know at the time that the American Turkish Council was one of the counterintelligence targets?

A Absolutely, yes.

Q And did you believe Ms. Dickerson knew that as well?

A She -- yes, and the fact because her husband associated with American Turkish Council and she worked for them.
Edmonds was eventually fired.

With Turkish infiltration and Paulson doling out billions to his cronies, do we really need to expand current government agencies and create more government agencies, which will only be new sources of power that the bad guys will attempt to capture?

And, one can only ask, can the lack of coverage of the Sibel Edmonds' testimony be further proof of how captured this country already is?


  1. You are so right. I have been following this story for over a year. This is the story of the century because it leads to the unpeeling of all kinds of layers of the onion of corruption that has taken over the executive branch and congress. What it suggests is the country's foreign policy has essentially been hijacked by organized criminals working against the interests of the US citizenry.
    it also intersects with elements of 9/11 and whether that was connected to this group of traitors. Once you accept the level of corruption exists at the levels it exists, anything is possible then.

  2. Isn't the Turkish council controlled by AIPAC and Israel?

  3. "Turkish" is misleading. What it really means is the Turkish branch of Israel.

  4. u are right, just look at Feith's credentials and remember the role of JINSA and the Military Industrial complex that such links into.......

    All attractive the the Turkish Military and perhaps involved with teh recent attmepted coup there.

    Remember since this blew that Turkey has had a power and alliance shift with many old puppets still within and now displaced and disgruntled. the current regime is not the same as that which gave Israel water for tanks and allows Israeli planes to bomb from it's bases. Yet still essesntial to NATO strategically.

    THe recent running issue of the Armenian genocide and the rapproachment occuring with Russian gloves assisting and pipelines encouraging is happening and hardly reported here.

    Turkey is not the puppet it once was.It has new friends and realises other interests and how to serve them better.

    The Neocons and their masters have done a great traitorous disservice to the USA-perhaps not traitorous as most are not loyal first and foremost to the USA anyway-Israel the State and People and Empire (see A Clean Break-Protecting the Empire)is their first loyalty. Wake up America you are being destroyed by a fifth column now basing in China while you sink.