Friday, September 4, 2009

The Mises Traveling Circle Is Headed to Seattle

If you are in the area, I recommend that you attend.

Lew Rockwell, Doug French, Walter Block, Peter Klein and Bob Murphy will be speaking. I attended the San Francisco meeting, which is now online here.

By attending in person, it will give you the rare opportunity to meet some of the leading supporters of liberty. These are truly modern day sons of liberty. Rockwell, for example, is one of the greatest organizers and marketers for the cause of liberty, ever. Paul Revere rode a horse one night for the cause of liberty, and he is in the history books. Rockwell has been spreading the message of liberty, and sounding the alarm about those who want to take it away, for his entire adult life. It's a courageous act, and I don't say this lightly. Lew has a powerful web site. I'm sure he's on a few statist lists, and you really don't know what plans the statists have for the future, but you can still count on Rockwell to have the courage Monday through Saturday to confront them on his web site.

A good part of the reason for attending in person is to mingle with the crowd, for perhaps the first time in your life you will be amongst fellow travelers who get it.

For those of you that are in other parts of the country, I guess you will have to "go to the videotape". There was not a weak link in the presentations in San Francisco. Doug French is a former banker and he pulled no punches laying out the current situation, with all the accompanying facts and figures. Block and DiLorenzo were, well, Block and DiLorenzo. They dissected the current situation with the tight analysis that we have all come to expect from these two.

A Bob Murphy economic speech is like none other you will ever hear. It's a stand up routine which I'm sure will eventually get him at the Improv on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. You really laugh so much that you almost forget that he is providing solid economic analysis with his one liners.

My favorite part of the presentation was the panel discussion which was open for audience questions. You got to see French, Block, DiLorenzo and Murphy ad lib.

The Mises Circle is headed to other cities, so keep an eye out.


  1. I had the good fortune to attend the Mises Circle in Fort Worth the end of May. Sitting at our table were Bob Murphy, Walter Block, and Jeffrey Tucker. The most striking memory was how gracious all three gentlemen were. Having spent time with academics, it was refreshing to meet brilliant minds who are also warm, friendly human beings.

    Our table also indicates how challenging these talks are for Bob, Walter, Jeffrey, and the other speakers. On my left was a coin dealer who has been in the trenches of the hard money movement for decades. On my right was a very nice public school teacher who was brought to the event by her boyfriend and was hearing everything for the first time. The Mises crew understands their audience, and managed to mix introductory remarks with nuggets for the hardcore.

    As challenging as the current times are, when you attend events like these you see many reasons for hope in our future.

  2. Wenzel,

    Are you coming to Newport for the Mises Circle in November?

  3. I am in Southern California now, I am not sure if I will be in November. But if I am I will be there.