Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Money Flows Out of Stock Mutual Funds and Into Bond Funds

Total estimated inflows to long-term mutual funds were $16.03 billion for the week ended Wednesday, September 23, the Investment Company Institute reported today.

Equity funds had estimated outflows of $1.88 billion for the week, compared to estimated outflows of $1.39 billion in the previous week. Domestic equity funds had estimated outflows of $2.03 billion, while estimated inflows to foreign equity funds were $152 million.

The money flowed into, of all things, bond funds!

With interest rates near decades long lows, and huge Treasury debt to be issued in coming years, bond funds are the last place to be. Yet, bond funds had estimated inflows of $12.91 billion, compared to estimated inflows of $12.69 billion during the previous week.

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