Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monster Employment Index Is Up in August

As it generally does in August, The Monster Employment Index rose this August also. However, year-over-year the index is down. Lat August the index stood at 159, this year it is at 121.

August 2009 Index Highlights:

• Index rises seven points, or 6 percent, the highest monthly rate of increase
since August 2005

• Year-over-year decline eases to 24 percent, the most moderate pace of
slowdown so far this year

• Retail, administrative and financial industries demonstrate solid growth

• Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media rise among occupations, whereas healthcare, community and personal care and services show softening demand

• New England leads all regions while Portland, OR sees the highest rise on the month amongst the metro markets

In summary, the Index’s annual rate of decline continued to moderate, indicating some signs of improvement in underlying demand for labor nationwide. The index tends to climb in August since employers start to plan for their fall selling season. Remember, this is not a job hires index, but an index of job advertisements.

The Monster Employment Index is a monthly gauge of U.S. online job demand based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of corporate career Web sites and job boards, including Monster®.

During August, online job availability rose in 15 of the Index’s 20 industry sectors and 18 of the 23 occupational categories monitored.

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