Saturday, September 5, 2009

Naming Names: More Sibel Edmonds Explosive Testimony On Current and Former Members of Congress

Below are more of the specific charges Sibel Edmonds made in her deposition, against current and former members of the U.S. Congress(Via Brad Friedman):

Against Dennis Hastert:

[S]everal categories. The acceptance of large sums of bribery in forms of cash or laundered cash ... to make it look legal for his campaigns, and also for his personal use, in order to do certain favors ... make certain things happen for foreign entities and foreign governments' interests, Turkish government's interest and Turkish business entities' interests. ... other activities, too, including being blackmailed for various reasons. ... he used the townhouse that was not his residence for certain not very morally accepted activities. ... foreign entities knew about this, in fact, they sometimes participated in some of those not maybe morally well activities in that particular townhouse that was supposed to be an office, not a house, residence at certain hours, certain days, evenings of the week.
Against Stephen Solarz:

[A]s lobbyist ... acted as conduit to deliver or launder contribution and other briberies to certain members of Congress, but also in pressuring outside Congress, and including blackmail, in certain members of Congress
Against Bob Livingston:

Until 1999 ... not very legal activities on behalf of foreign interests and entities, and after 1999 acting as a conduit to, again, further foreign interests, both overtly and covertly as a lobbyist, but also as an operative
Against Tom Lantos:

[N]ot only ... bribe[ry], but also ... disclosing highest level protected U.S. intelligence and weapons technology information both to Israel and to Turkey. ... other very serious criminal conduct.
Against Roy Blunt:

[T]he recipient of both legally and illegally raised donations, campaign donations from ...Turkish entities."
Against Dan Burton: (And others):

[E]xtremely illegal activities against the United States citizens who were involved in [covert] operations that were ... against ... foreign government[s] and foreign entities against the United States' interests.


  1. Interesting reading, when the lawyers aren't fighting over question wording.

    Denny Hastert was mentioned as bribe recipient, as well as doing not very moral things in some office space. Foreign spies knew about Denny's sins. Were they used against us?

  2. And why isn't the media paying any attention to this?

    What more proof do we need that most of the SYSTEM is corrupt?

  3. It's truly apalling that the media refuses to cover her testimony.

    Thank God we have Americans as brave as Sibel Edmonds.

  4. i agree that it is fantastic to have a brave American like Sibel Edmonds that is willing to speak truth to power, but can we leave imaginary friends out of it?

    The MSM is an abomination and every last individual involved in this worthless appendage should be tarred, feathered and run out of this country like the traitorous lapdog vermin they are.

  5. It is astonishingly difficult to affect a paradigm change from within the paradigm - but ... America, you are doing it! VIVA THE TRUTH!