Friday, September 18, 2009

Opposition Research on Peter Schiff

Friends tell me heavy money is being spent on opposition research of Peter Schiff. By the time this is over, they will know if he behaved himself in kindergarten.

I hope Peter knows what he is getting into.


  1. Schiff, an honest man will be smeared by Sen. Corrupt Dodd's political machine. It's a given.

    I hope Schiff has a thick skin and a cast iron stomach for the calumnies that will follow.

  2. His dad is doing time, and has been in and out of prison, I think, a few times for tax evasion.

    Peter's best attribute, apart from his attention to liberty and economics, is his frankness. He's on the better side of a lot of issues, but I think it's only a matter of time before he says something which can be used as a devastating sound bite against him. In fact, if his opposition just listens to the archives of his radio show, Wall Street Unspun I'm sure they'll have plenty to work with.

    I'm a satisfied client of Euro-Pacific, and I've donated money to Peter's campaign. I'd love to see him in the Senate, but I just don't think it's going to happen.

  3. His dad is a hero to many of us who are sick of being stuck with Big Brother's bills.

  4. Stewart wrote:

    "His dad is doing time, and has been in and out of prison, I think, a few times for tax evasion."

    I know, hence my joke. :)

  5. I wish Schiff would not run. If nothing else if really threatens the establishments they will offer an early realize for his dad if he will just...that is tough position to find one self. He seems to be a good man and undeserving the venom that will be headed his way.

  6. Schiff had a bad divorce and likes to party, especially when he's in Vegas. Will someone dig up some sexually promiscuous dirt on him to frighten Puritan America with?

    Time will tell.