Monday, September 21, 2009

Paging Peter Schiff

Sen. Chris Dodd plans to propose a merger of four bank agencies -- including the Federal Reserve and the FDIC -- into one super-regulator, according to reports.

Let's see, the soup is terrible, the milk is sour and the Coke is flat, let's mix it all together and turn it into a super drink!


  1. The chef knows he's about to be fired, he might as well piss in as many dishes as he can before they kick him out the backdoor.

  2. Possibly that. Possibly a countermove to Ron Paul's end the Fed movement. "Yeah, let's end the Fed, the FDIC etc, and make one good regulator that gets everything right."

  3. Long-term strategy: be on record supporting a super-regulator. If End the Fed is successful, govt engineers a panic/economic collapse fake-out, Paul looks like an ass (as does 'laissez-faire', "again") and then Dodd is the hero because he saw the need for a super-regulator way back when.

    Also, the guy is totally bought and paid for by his banking buddies. He is one sick MFer and I bet some good dirt could get turned up by anyone trying to look. He's just doing what they want so they keep their mouths shut about what a rascal he is.