Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perth Mint Launches the 2010 Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins

Considered legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965, these coins are all 99.99% pure gold, guaranteed by the Australian government for weight and purity.

The Kangaroo series is available in five different sizes: a $15 face value 1/10 oz coin, a $25 1/4 oz coin, a $50 1/2 oz, a $100 1 oz and a $3000 face value 1 kilogram coin. The four smallest sizes feature a new design of two kangaroos ‘boxing’ in the outback with the inscription ‘Australian Kangaroo’ across the top and ‘2010,’ the size and ‘9999 Gold’ across the bottom.

The kilo (kilogram)coin has a classic hopping kangaroo design on its reverse created by Dr. Stuart Devlin, AO CMG goldsmith and jeweller to Queen Elizabeth II of England. All of the coins feature an image of the queen on their obverse designed by Ian-Rank Broadley with the inscriptions ‘Elizabeth II,’ ‘Australia’ and the face value surrounding the portrait.

The Aussie basic kangaroo concept started in 1990, with design variations changing yearly on most of the coins.

There is no mintage limit for the kilo coin, but the smaller sizes will be restricted to 350,000 for the 1 oz coins, 100,000 for the 1/2 oz coins, 150,000 of the 1/4 oz coins and 200,000 of the 1/10 oz coins.

With the limited production of these coins, buyers may realize a potential premium over the intrinsic value of the coins, based on their numismatic collectibility.

The gold coins are available through The Perth Mint’s distribution network and dealers.

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