Friday, September 4, 2009

This Is a ManRecession

Men have been significantly and disproportionately adversely affected by the recession.

The August jobless rate for men of 10.9% is almost 5.5% above the post-WWII average of 5.43% for males, and is just 0.20% below the historical post-WWII record high of 11.2% for men in 1982.

In contrast, women are doing much better. The 8.2% August unemployment rate for women is 2.2% above the 6% average since 1948, and a full 4.2 percentage points below the maximum jobless rate of 10.4% in 1982.

My guess is that a study would show that women have disproportionally higher number of jobs in the government sector, the government favored healtcare sector and in the retail sector.

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