Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Big to Cover?: Major Mainstream Media Silence on Spies and Treason in America

As more details emerge about Sibel Edmonds’s allegations about spies corrupting members of Congress and high level employees in other sectors of the U. S. government, mainstream media remains silent.

Scott Horton interviews two reporters who have been covering this remarkable story, here.

As you will be able to tell by listening to the interview, the two men interviewed, Philip Giraldi and Joe Lauria, are very careful and serious reporters. Although they attempt to come up with plausible theories on why this story hasn't broken wide open, I think they are truly baffled, and one of them during the interview seems at one point to be disillusioned about being a journalist because of the lack of coverage of the story, and the lack of ability by him to get major newspapers to give him the green light to further cover and advance the story.

This story is bigger than Iran-Contra, Watergate and Benedict Arnold put together. Yet, complete MSM silence.


UPDATE: The Sibel Edmond's interview metioned is now available online here.


  1. You would think Drudge would be all over it...

  2. Not if you understand who Drudge works for.

  3. feel free to enlighten me

  4. Sibel is pretty smokin' hot.

  5. Indeed she's a beautiful woman. Sadly Gerald Walpin got fired from his Inspector General position for surprisingly similar reasons. Whistle blowers are not popular in the government. Imagine that.

    Back in the day, MLK, LBJ, and JE Hoover all knew of each other's skeletons but none came forward out of fear of their own skeletons being outed in retaliation. It was a baby precursor to Mutually Assured Destruction.

    Maybe today certain MSM heads have their own skeletons that they are trying to keep hidden.

  6. It's the Government-Industrial Monstrosity at work. (Eisenhower's MIC on steroids). They only push stories that perpetuate the narrative.

    No one mentions John McCain twittering from Col Ghadafi's Libyan ranch weeks ago. Days later the Lockerbie bomber was freed. Ghadafi's son it was a trade for western oil/gas deals.