Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twitter Highlights from Pittsburgh

JackImageX: @Hryckowian DId they arrest the guy with the fake Stanley Cup? I was trying to figure out what he was protesting

SocialistZine: this is a police riot!

nunca433: racial profiling going on on police radio. middle eastern guy w/backpack being tailed

wrightwilliams: police scanner man on harriet is claiming to police he has bomb strapped to his body

HomaPourasgari: G20 Protesters Ordered To Stop March By Pittsburgh Police

michellenichols: #G20 police have used piercing noise and pepper spray to try and disperse protesters

SocialistZine: Video of gas and Sound attack at the G20

scottdetrow: Back at station filing. Best we can tell, small skirmishes going on here and there. Other outlets reporting some arrests

@psunate77: - Riot police clash with protestors from "Resist G-20"

JonDelano: Very, very quiet inside the #G20 convention center. Lots of media using their laptops, occasional TV standups. Overpriced food ($3 water).

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