Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Very, Very Special Book: On Ron Paul's Book, End The Fed

I headed down to the bookstore this afternoon to pick up the new Matt Latimer book, Speech-Less: Tales of a White House Survivor. After reading the GQ excerpt, I wanted to read the book right away. Latimer, a George W. Bush speechwriter, was clearly taking notes while he was in the GW Administration and it appears there are going to be plenty of juicy details about the GW years in the White House. But the book won't be available for another week. So I browsed the bookstore and spotted Ron Paul's new book, End The Fed.

It was on my reading list, but, hey, I know why we need to end the Fed, so I wasn't in any particular hurry to read the book. I glanced through the book and I liked what I saw, the way it was written, the way it was very clear, the way it was to the point and interesting. I bought it. And, I have now read it.

My conclusion is that it is a very special book, written by a very special man. From the dedication to the final chapter, the thoughtfulness, intelligence and wisdom of Ron Paul comes through. He dedicates the book this way:
To the young people who powered my presidential campaign and who are the heart of the anti-Fed movement,

In your hands is the hope of a free and prosperous society.
From there the book is one great ride. It is packed with facts, about gold, the history of the Fed and the history of central banking in the United States. But somehow, it is a fast read.

It is as though you had the opportunity to sit next to a very wise man on a cross country plane ride, who knew all the secrets about the Fed and central banking and, better yet ,knew how to tell the story about the Fed and central banking in a fascinating manner.

And, better still, it was a man who lived the drama of central banking. A man who fought the central bankers and their money printing ways. A man who had personal war stories to tell about Volcker, Greenspan and Bernanke. A man who discussed gold, one-on-one, with President Ronald Reagan. And a man who sat on the Congressional Gold Commission.

A man who pretty much knew about gold, central banking and Congress from every angle. The intellectual angle, the historical angle, the real world angle and the political angle.

This is what End The Fed is about. It is a page turner written by a very wise man. Don't make the mistake I did (and was fortunately bailed out by circumstances) and simply put this book on your reading list, "to be read some time". This is a great book that truly deserves your immediate attention.

When you finish the book (And it won't take long, like I said, it is a fast read.) You will have the satisfaction that you feel when you finish an absorbing novel, and you will also feel that, finally, you understand the interworkings of central banks, money and gold, and a detailed history of the three.

For accomplishing so much, this is truly one of the most remarkable books I have ever read. I expect the book will have a long life.


  1. I really enjoyed the book as well. I really liked the portion where he told of his upbringing and how early he realized the true value behind money. Little Ronnie Paul was something I had never thought of, so it was cool that he clued us in to his childhood a bit.

    But yeah, it was a nice one stop outpost of information on the free market, sound money, and the fed.

  2. Excellent book. Revolutionary in fact, just hope that enough people read it.

  3. This review and it's comments make me VERY anxious for my Amazon order to arrive. Hats off to Ron Paul, he has started something far bigger than any of us.