Friday, September 11, 2009

Grave Dancing Wells Fargo Style

The unemployment numbers are about to go up by an additional plus one this week.

A Wells Fargo senior vice president who is responsible for foreclosed commercial properties has been caught throwing wild parties in the former house of a couple who surrendered their house to Wells Fargo because of their "investments" with Bernie Madoff.

Cheronda Guyton apparently spent weekends at the $12-million beach house in the exclusive Malibu Colony which stretches three-quarters of a mile along the beach in the heart of Malibu.

At the most recent party,according to neighbors, "A yacht pulled up offshore, with one of those inflatable dinghies to take people back and forth to the shore."

Prior to her tenure with Wells Fargo Bank, Guyton held a position in the controller’s office during the administration of California Governor Gray Davis. She holds an undergraduate degree from Emory University and a graduate degree from University of Southern California.

1 comment:

  1. Wenzel,

    Dude... I bet she's a secret Austrian and knows this whole thing is gonna blow soon so she's just trying to get in while the gettings good.

    She's just unlucky cause she got caught. Many other "Austrians" in government and banking with forecasting abilities like hers are doing the same thing. Don't ask, don't tell!