Sunday, October 25, 2009

Madoff Associate Found Dead at His Palm Beach Home

Palm Beach billionaire Jeffry Picower was found at the bottom of his South Ocean Boulevard pool Sunday afternoon, reports the Palm Beach Post.

Picower could not be revived by paramedics, who worked unsuccessfully for 20 minutes at the scene to get a pulse.

Picower, 67, is the former New York lawyer and accountant alleged to have received billions of dollars from the Bernard Madoff investment scheme. In a recent lawsuit against him, it was alleged that Picower should have know that unrealistically high annual returns of as much as 950 percent were phony.

Picower's Palm Beach home was a salmon colored 17,770-square-foot mansion on the beach.

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  1. Russian mafia/oligarchs? they want some blood, madoff is lucky he is in prison playing poker with colombo crime boss.