Sunday, October 4, 2009

Number of Banks Not Making TARP Payments Skyrockets

The number of banks that didn't make their monthly dividend payments on TARP funds skyrocketed to 29 in August (the latest month numbers are available for), up from 18 in May, reports Clusterstock. Banks can choose not to make payments during a given month. The dividends owed simply accumulate unpaid.

But, failure to pay may, obviously, be indicative of financial stress.

Here's the complete list of banks that didn't pay in August:


Anchor Bancorp Wisconsin

Central Pacific Financial Corp

Centrue Financial Corp

Citizens Bancorp

Citizens Bank & Trust Co

Commerce National Bank

Commonwealth Business Bank

Dickinson Financial Corp

First American International

First Banks

Georgia Primary Bank

Grand Mountain Bancshares

Idaho Bancorp

Lone Star Bank

Midwest Banc Holdings

One Georgia Bank

One United Bank

Pacific Capital Bancorp

Pacific City Financial Corp

Pacific International Bancorp

Patterson Bancshares Inc.

Peninsula Bank Holdings Co.

Premier Service Bank

Royal Bancshares Corporation of Pennsylvania

Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida

Sterling Financial Corporation

UCBH Holdings Inc.

United American Bank


  1. I just think they got word that the FDIC would be demanding prepayment of their deposit insurance premiums. The con game continues.

  2. Hey Libs, how's that hope and change working out for you?