Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rubenstein: Saudi Arabia and Turkey Will See Private Equity Dealflow (And Iraq!)

David Rubenstein, managing director and co-founder of Carlyle Group. in a second speech at the Super Return Middle East told attendees that private equity activity in the wider Middle East region in the near future will be especially strong in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

"The Gulf is not only a source of capital, I think it will be a source of dealflow," said Rubenstein. "I suspect in Saudi Arabia more deals will be done."

He was also upbeat about Turkey and referenced Iraq, as a long term investmnet target."As the economy recovers from the war you'll see more capital flowing in," he said.

Capital to invest in the Middle East will mostly come from local investors, followed by Europe and Asia, Rubenstein said, with little to none from the U.S.


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  1. Future deals brought to you by President Obama and James A. Baker, III.



    Don't forget Libya!