Friday, October 2, 2009

Washington D.C. Laysoff 6% of Its Teachers

Declining tax revenues even bites in the belly of the beast.

Washington D.C. has just announced it has laid off off 229 public school teachers, about six percent of its total, in a move officials said was necessary to help close a $43.9 million gap in its 2010 budget.

Earlier today, I highlighted the increase in unemployment among state and local government employees. It's getting to the point that unless their has been a direct transfusion of cash, paid for by taxpayers, most other sectors of the economy are hurting because of the re-direction funds to Obama's favored elite.

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  1. $191,703/pop.

    Those are some pretty expensive teachers they've got over there in D.C. I wonder if they worked a little finance magic on the weekends to justify those salaries?