Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What George Soros is Buying

SEC 13G filings show that Soros Fund Management has recently accumulated stakes in three small companies.

•Emdeon (EM), Healthcare IT/payments - a 7.09% stake
•Interoil (IOC), Oil and gas exploration in Papua New Guinea - a 6.81% stake
•Headwaters (HW), building materials and coal - a 5.31% stake

Warning to anyone thinking of following in the steps of this connected oligarch: These are thinly traded stocks and given news that Soros is in them, it will make them extremely volatile. Pick your spots when buying these stocks and be patient on your buys.



  1. What's going on? Is Soros buying foreign oil companies while funding groups that seek to cripple domestic oil and natural gas? Is it his way of knocking out his major competitors?

  2. Bob Murphy

    I think you begin to understand Soros. He seems to be taking advantage of demand trends for energy in developing economies and political trends in the developed economies. What is interesting is that these trends (higher energy prices due to demand and higher temperatures due to man) seem based on false premises. Yet Soros is quite willing to ride these trends to profits. The real skill is to know when to step off these trends and take your profits. This could be a very sound (though cynical) investment strategy. What do you think?