Friday, November 6, 2009

Did Goldman CFO Viniar Call in the Lawyers on a Beauty with Brains?

What is it with these supposed big dicks when they run into women with beauty and brains? First we had the Patrick Byrne/Lila Rajiva incident. Now, I'm guessing, Goldman CFO David Viniar called in the lawyers when another beauty with brains called him a liar, or maybe the Goldman lawyers jumped in on their own, hoping to earn a bigger cut of those Goldman bonuses that are soon to be decided.

I am speaking of the recent apology issued by Janet Tavakoli. It sure smells like Goldman lawyers were circling around the apology. She apologized to Viniar and to Goldman lawyers.

Now, Tavakoli has a nice business going, and I don't know the specifics of her conversations with Goldman lawyers, so I can't blame her for issuing the apology. I don't know all the facts there, but doesn't Goldman have better things to do?

But, I tell you, that is one clever "apology". If I ever need one written, I am going to ask Tavakoli to write it for me.

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