Saturday, November 21, 2009

Global Warming Bombshell

Bob Murphy has sent me a one word email: Huge.

He then included a link to his take on a major scandal brewing that may have caught global warming advocates fudging official data and discussion. He writes:
Folks, I don't use sensational headlines too often. Also, I am in Auburn, AL after spending all day at a conference, and I'm headed out the door. So I haven't been able to carefully parse all the blogs on this issue.

Having given that caveat, this seems HUGE. The Climate Research Unit (CRU) is the world record keepers of global temperature data; it keeps the numbers that the IPCC bases its reports on. There have been some very dubious things recently where outside skeptics want the original temperature readings before CRU "smooths" them and does other things, and CRU basically stonewalled before saying, "We don't have the original readings anymore. All we have is the corrected data at this point."

So anyway, apparently a whistleblower couldn't live with him or herself anymore, [UPDATE: The official story is that the University's webmail server was hacked from the oustide, see the comments] and dumped a 61 MB file of CRU emails, data, etc. to an outside server, and now the blogosphere has gone nuts.

Some of the emails (if legitimate) are pretty amazing. I haven't been able to look at this too much, but here are the two most jaw-dropping ones I've come across so far. Note that Phil Jones is the head of CRU, and once again CRU is the group that maintains the global temperature data on which the IPCC reports are based. Also note that Michael Mann is the creator of the infamous "hockey stick" temperature graph that is so controversial.
Be sure to read Bob's complete post, as he states, it includes a couple of the emails which show remarkable efforts to fudge and manipulate global warming data and debate. The emails are so off the wall that at first I thought they might be fakes, that is, until I read the response from NASA climate scientists, which Bob posts, that seems to confirm the legitimacy of the original emails.

This is must read, and incredibly shocking.

UPDATE: Hans Palmstierna sent me this email just a few minutes after Bob Murphy's

Climate change may not be your thing....
....but the biggest scientific fraud in the history of mankind just came unglued, thanks to a (so far) unknown hacker.

Climate Center Servers Hacked Revealing Documents and Emails

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  1. What matters is why they are promoting this fraud (Mises)