Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hunger Strike at the Fed?

In freezing cold January?

The chair of a Florida-based minority rights group is threatening to go on a hunger strike at the Fed in January to protest the way the Fed enforces community reinvestment and fair-lending laws, WSJ reports.

“Because of your continue lack of willingness to come to Florida and hear our cries, I have no choice but to challenge you until you do so,” Al Pina, chairman of the Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition said in a letter to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke released to the press. “I will no longer ALLOW YOU to ignore our communities, businesses or families. On January 5, 2010 I will begin a hunger strike in front of the Federal Reserve Building in Washington D.C. And such demonstration will not conclude until you agree to come to Florida to hear the cries of our communities, businesses and families. “

I don't think Pina gets the point that the Fed through money manipulations is the problem. Or maybe he gets it all too well and is looking for his piece of the action.

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