Monday, November 9, 2009

News Corp Sites May Be Removed From Google

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch has suggested the company's online newspaper pages will be invisible to Google users when it launches its new paid content strategy.

He claimed that readers who randomly reach a page via an internet search hold little value to advertisers.

When asked by Sky News Australia's political editor David Speers why News Corp has not stopped Google from finding its content, Mr Murdoch replied: "I think we will."

As well as Google, he criticised other sites like Microsoft and for also taking a free ride on its content - "the people who just simply pick up everything and run with it - steal our stories ... without payment", he claimed.

This is a little bit like taking your television listings out of TV Guide and off the cable channel that lists the television schedules.

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  1. Murdoch is stupid if he does this. He will effectively be crushing his online presence and driving people towards other news sites. Making a pay site is understandable, but stopping people from finding you is dumb as hell.