Saturday, November 14, 2009

Protesters Headed to Goldman Sachs DC Offices

ACORN wannabe, the National Political Action Network, has announced that it will be protesting outside the Washington DC offices of Goldman Sachs on Monday.

This is the continuing attempt of the extreme left wing to co-opt the anti-Goldman Sachs, anti-corporatist, sentiment in the country. While the goal should be to limit government so that firms like Goldman can not get their hands on the money flow controlled by government, organizations like NPAN want to simply redirect the flow of funds toward themselves and their supporters.

UPDATE:SEIU President Andy Stern will be attending the protest. He has been the most frequent visitor to the Whit House, appearing on the president's log 22 times.

Other protest leaders include:

George Goehl, Executive Director, National People’s Action

Robert Weisman, President, Public Citizen

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