Friday, November 13, 2009

Real Healthcare Solutions

By Mark J. Perry

Government-based overhaul has completely monopolized the debate on healthcare. Here are seven examples of successful market-based healthcare alternatives that you should know about.

Government healthcare reform sure gets a lot of media attention. In just the last month alone there have been about 13,000 new stories containing the word “government” and the phrase “healthcare reform.” In contrast, there have been fewer than 300 news reports during the last month with both of the terms “market based” and “healthcare reform.” That’s a ratio of 43 stories on government healthcare for every one story about market-based healthcare—government-based “reform” has completely monopolized the debate.

Given the momentum in Congress for some kind of government healthcare overhaul, the media attention is understandable. But at the same time that Congress debates different versions of Obamacare and considers various public options, some market-based healthcare solutions have gone largely unnoticed, despite the fact that they have successfully lowered medical costs and improved both access and quality of service.

Read the full article here to learn seven examples of market-based healthcare alternatives.

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