Monday, November 9, 2009

Rubenstein: I'm Hot on China

China offers unrivaled opportunities for private-equity investment because of its fast-growing economy and the sector's low penetration there, Carlyle Group co-founder and managing director, David Rubenstein, told a group in Beijing at a WSJ confernce .

"I regard China as the single most attractive place in the world for us to invest at the moment," he said..

"For any of the large private-equity firms in the West to be a real player in China you probably should have a RMB fund," he said.

Rubenstein said that over the last two years Carlyle has invested $2.5 billion in China in 47 deals.

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  1. Just few weeks back they said FU to swap or some CDS agreements.

    Carlyle and other IBs take the laws for granted in US; just give them few years to learn chinese laws. If any big losses on .com(munist) affliated companies, they will simply say FU.

    Only the .com is too big to fail there. Everybody else can go F themselves. Unlike the US, where the entire country will F itself to save these companies.