Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to Short Oil?

With my expectation that we are likely headed for a double dip recession, and given the recent uptick in the stock market, oil and other commodities, a break in the oil price may mirror any break in gold.

Steve Goldstein at MarketWatch has some interesting take on oil tankers that may support the idea that a break in the oil price may be near:

Vopak is the world's largest independent tank terminal operator, so when it comes to storing oil, liquefied natural gas and the like, they know a few things.

And on Thursday, the group raised earnings guidance for the second time this year.

The reason? There are a few, but the main one is that demand for storing oil is strong.

A major reason to store, rather than sell, oil is if there aren't buyers for it...

Also take a look at what A.P. Moller , the shipping giant, said in its nine-month report on Thursday: "There are no short-term prospects of higher demand for oil and gas transports." About the only good news they reported in the third quarter from that division came as vessels were increasingly used as offshore storage facilities...

...the International Energy Agency on Thursday hiked its 2009 and 2010 oil demand outlook, it pointed out that demand for gasoil used in railways and trucks is still pretty weak.

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