Wednesday, December 2, 2009

America's Return to a Road to Serfdom?

Richard Ebeling emails

I have posted a new piece on Northwood University's blogsite, "In Defense of Capitalism and Human Progress", asking, "America's Return to a Road to Serfdom?"

Over six decades ago, free market, Austrian economist and Nobel Laureate, Friedrich A. Hayek, warmed about the kinds of misguided economic policies that can lead a country down a road to serfdom of government control and domination over the citizenry.

With the rapidly expanding power of government under the cover of the current economic crisis, I discuss the particular dangers our country faces in, once again, heading down a road the end of which leads to the loss of indiviudal liberty and the diversity of human choice that is a hallmark of a free society, and the strangling of free enterprise and the competitive pricing system through a growing spider's web of government controls, regulations and restrictions.

Read the full article here.

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