Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bernanke on His Relationship with Obama versus Bush

Time Magazine today named Ben Bernanke as its Person of the Year. Senior Time editors Richard Stengel, John Huey, Michael Duffy, and correspondent Michael Grunwald conducted an extensive interview with the Fed chairman. Here's Bernanke on his relationship with President Obama versus President Bush:
I saw President Bush very frequently, in part, because he knew me very well, because I was his chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers for a while. I see President Obama less frequently, but I have — he relies, of course, on his own — I’m not his adviser. I’m a separate — part of a separate agency, but I have very frequent interactions with his advisers, Geithner, [Director of the National Economic Council Larry] Summers.
The full interview is here.

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