Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Best Thing About Being Federal Reserve Chairman

Yesterday at the Economic Club of Washington D.C. luncheon, where Ben Bernanke spoke, during the Q & A he was asked what he liked best about being Fed chairman.

He joked, "Moving quickly through airport screening lines."

As the old saying goes, there is probably an element truth to this "joke." After all what best epitomizes, power and some kind of sick superiority then being able to move through an airport security line without having having to empty your pockets, take your shoes off and stand with arms spread for a wand inspection? All the while cruising through with two armed guards.

NYC hotel queen Leona Helmsley was once tried, convicted and thrown in jail for basically speaking the truth and saying that only the little people pay taxes. Where do we throw Bernanke now that he has admitted that only the little people have to stand in line for airport security checks?

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  1. The French used the guillotine...however John Law did manage to escape this fate by leaving the country. So maybe we just banish him to Iraq or Afghanistan.