Thursday, December 10, 2009

TSA Special Treatment for Politicians

As I reported earlier this week, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke bragged about being able to go through airport security without being screened. He also teased the crowd and said he could carry a conatiner with more than three announces of liquid. Well it turns out lots of politicians get this VIP treatment.

The Internet posting of the TSA 93 page, airline passenger screening playbook was a real eye opener. Not only have TSA’s screeners made up their own rules, politicians get special treatment, reports Paul Huebl.

Members of Congress, governors and lieutenant governors, the mayor of Washington, D.C., and their immediate families all get special treatment and are not screened.


  1. Wenzel,

    We don't need to screen them. They only care about the public good. They'd never do anything to hurt anyone in this country.

    Right? Right...