Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hong Kong Could Slip Into Second Recession in 2010, Leader Warns

Interesting, since China/Hong Kong appear to me to be the areas least likely to experience a double dip recession in, at least, the first half of 2010.

China has simply been printing too much new money as an attempt to support a distorted economy. This will ultimately lead to severe price inflation if they continue, but for now it removes any possibility of a double dip.

Hong Kong's territory leader Donald Tsang sees things differently.

Tsang, speaking in Beijing, said he was "rather pessimistic" and feared Hong Kong could be hit by the second wave of a double-dip recession in the middle of 2010.

His remarks followed repeated warnings from Hong Kong government officials than an asset bubble of inflated property and stock prices may be developing in the wealthy city of 7 million.

Tsang is correct about the asset bubble, but these things can sometimes go on for years. Witness the U.S. housing boom/bubble.

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