Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's 'Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth' Propoganda Day for Geithner Today

The way I understand the job market, there is a price for wages which, on the free market, is set by supply and demand. Don't mess with wage prices and don't diminish supply by paying the unemployed when they are not working and the market will clear,i.e. everyone that wants to work will get a job. There is therefore no "unemployment crisis" that can not be directly tracked back to government interference in the market clearing mechanisms.

The same goes for economic growth, leave the markets alone and they will flourish. I note that the most booming area of the economy over recent years has been the leased regulated area, i.e. the internet, high technology sectors. The most tired sectors (and collapsed sectors) are those where there has been the most government interference.

But we must have a "planning for jobs and growth" circus, and so we do.

On Thursday morning, Treasury Secretary Geithner will host a private breakfast at Treasury with attendees of the White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth.

Later, Secretary Geithner will attend the President’s Economic Daily Briefing at the White House.

In the afternoon, Secretary Geithner will attend the White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth at the White House.

According to the Treasury:
The forum will be an opportunity for President Obama and the economic team to hear from some of the leading CEOs, small business owners, labor leaders, nonprofit heads and thinkers about ideas for continuing to grow the economy and put Americans back to work.

At 2 pm, as part of the forum, Secretary Geithner and Small Business Administration Administrator Karen Mills will host a discussion focused on “Paving the Road for Small Business Job Growth.”

The opening session, closing session, and several of the discussion groups on jobs will be streamed live on

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