Sunday, December 13, 2009

Judd Bagley Responds to Why He Posted Facebook Information on a Public Website (Popcorn Recommended )

Judd Bagley, who is a key player at DeepCapture, provides his view (to John Carney) on why he publicly posted the Facebook friends of journalists/bloggers who have been attacking the views of DeepCapture, and why the cover name Larry Bergman was used:
John, Larry Bergman is a composite, and indeed was used by multiple folks. The reason for creating him was to simplify the process of finding links, since gathering the data was a pain in the ass. It made the process easier by pointing out, up front, when a Facebook user had friends in common with Larry. That way, we didn't have to go through to the process of copy/paste/compare all the time. Larry was a simple labor-saving device. As to why we put the data on did it for two reasons: 1- to allow our readers to spot relationships I'm certain to be unaware of. We've had a few of those already. 2- To be preemptively on the record predicting who was going to attack my thesis that some financial bloggers and journalists are far too close to their subjects. The attacks are not unexpected. What is unexpected is that Joe, Barry, Eric, Felix, etc, would be basing their attacks on the existence of the list itself, despite its being (as I've pointed out) public information. It never occurred to me that a Facebook list was anything but public. But, if they understood differently, I can see why it might concern them (briefly).
Sam Antar on Bagley:
Patrick Byrne now admits that Judd Bagley used an assumed name aka Larry Bergman on Facebook:

"DeepCapture investigative reporter Judd Bagley used an assumed name to infiltrate their Facebook network...."

What's even more disgusting is the fact that Bagley tried to FB friend my children, too. Bagley succeeded in becoming Facebook friends with other friends of mine that have nothing to do with issues concerning, short selling, hedge funds, etc.
Bagley to Sam Antar:
@Sam E. Antar: Hey Sam, your "kids" are like 30 years old. Time to cut the apron strings, don't you think
Sam Antar responds to Bagley:
@JuddBagley: Judd Bagley:

My children are actually in their 20s. As their father, I unconditionally love them and will protect them from you, Patrick Byrne, and others no matter what their ages are.

In addition, you also posted the names of my minor nieces and nephews on your enemies list. What do my minor nieces and nephews have anything to do with, hedge funds, naked short selling etc?

You attempted to interfere with my matrimonial litigation by threatening me to settle it. You even contacted by ex-spouse. According to her, she rebuffed you.

You used your false Larry Bergman Facebook identity to invade the privacy of other Facebook friends of mine who have nothing to do, hedge funds, naked short selling etc.

So please stop your charade. You are fooling no one, except your cool aid drinkers.

As you know,, Patrick Byrne, and its other officers are under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as a result of my reporting GAAP and other SEC disclosure violations by the company to the SEC. CEO Patrick Byrne provided the initial funding for Deep Capture LLC and you are a managing partner of that entity.

Your complicity with Patrick Byrne in retaliating against a whistleblower makes you a willing participant in helping defraud investors by trying to intimidate me into silence about the false and misleading financial disclosures by and its management.

Somehow, you don’t seem to care about the legal risk you have brought upon yourself.

In any case, I refuse to back down from exposing GAAP and SEC disclosure violations by and its management team and I will not be intimidated into silence by paid stalkers like you.

Sam E. Antar (convicted felon, former CPA, former Crazy Eddie CFO, and proud member of Patrick Byrne's enemies list)

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