Friday, December 4, 2009

Kane Puts the Smackdown on the Libertarian Factions Debate

Glenn Jacobs (aka WWE's Kane) writes to Tom Woods about his take on the libertarian factions debate.

Dr. Woods,

The current situation reminds me of the different factions during the American Revolutionary period; you’ve got the folks who oppose big government on principle (the Jeffersonians and now the Misesians) and those who oppose the current government because they aren’t in charge (the Hamiltionians and now the Cato “mainline libertarian” crowd). This time, I hope, Americans will recognize the latter for the imposters that they are.

I’ve never understood why so many “libertarians” want the Establishment to respect them. How’s that “having a place at the table” thing working for you, anyway? Besides, with the R3volution that is brewing, being linked to the Establishment at all probably won’t be a good thing.

Thanks for all your great work.



  1. I'll admit it's been a while since I've watched WWE, but never, ever, ever did I expect Kane to be a libertarian, especially of the crazy Ron Paul/Lew Rockwell/Tom Woods Austrian religion variety.

    Pleasantly surprising!

  2. glen is very clever man out with wrestling he is my mentor