Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Public Sector versus the Private Sector

When you think of more government involvement in healthcare, think about these pictures. I took both pictures this morning within a minute of each other. The first shows the sidewalk in front of the Department of Labor building, after yesterday's snowstorm. The second photo is of the sidewalk right next to the Labor Department building, 101 Constitution Avenue, NW. It is a privately owned building. Goldman Sachs, among others, has offices in the building.

Who do you want to shovel your sidewalk?


  1. Wenzel,

    Hahaha awesome. I am fairly certain that this is a kind of "cheap shot" in terms of anecdotally confirming libertarian bias, but I still love it! "Who do you want shoveling your sidewalk?"

    New libertarian rallying cry, to be joined with, "This ain't your grandfather's great depression"

  2. Would Goldman Sachs be around to shovel sidewalks if it weren't for government bailout funds?