Monday, December 14, 2009

WSJ on Animation News

Last week, I reported on animation news and said:WSJ seems to agree:
Long after Tiger Woods has been forgiven his transgressions, one lasting legacy of his extramarital activities will be a new journalistic art form: the animated news report. Millions of people have now viewed the online animations produced by Hong Kong-based Next Media depicting the wronged wife coming after Tiger Woods with a golf club and smashing the back window of his vehicle, causing the now-famous accident.

This may or may not be what actually happened, but one lesson of technology applied to information is that every medium finds its ultimate conclusion, from talk radio to reality television. In the case of online video, animated "news" will fill the gap where there is no actual video...Mr. Lai [the man responsible for the animations] plans to share his technology with news companies around the world. He reports that "we're in talks with news agencies and some major TV channels" in the U.S. to cooperate in producing animated news.

Another technology genie out of the bottle, destined to change our view of news.
I hasten to again add, as I did in my initial post, that this technology came about from an unexpected source as the result of free markets. That's how free markets work. I further wish to point out that this is the type of innovation and creativity that Obamcare will kill in the healthcare sector. Can you imagine how stifling it would be, if Lai had to get his animation idea approved by a bureaucracy that didn't have room for it in this year's budget? Why would anyone with any creative spark to them want to work in health care after Obamacare. It will either stifle you or corrupt you.

BTW: Be sure to read the full WSJ article and the back story on how the animation news came about.

And here's those two animation videos again:

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