Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Attack on Obama, from the Left

This clip is too precious. In the first half you have leftie Rachel Maddow attacking President Obama's budget freeze,then you have Joe Biden's economic adviser try to explain that the freeze has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Maddow doesn't want to hear it, she just wants more and more government spending, without once addressing where the money is going to come from for this spending.


  1. hahaha she said:
    "deficit spending is what governments do to get economies moving again"
    "if you've ever taken economics it's usually on day two...where they teach you that a spending freeze is not the way to bring the economy out of a down turn, let alone a recession"

    I have a feeling not only has she never taken an econ 101 class, but she's probably reading copy written by the same guy that told her, "na, that hair cut definitely doesn't make you look like a man"

    And he said:
    "The recovery act saved or created 2 million jobs so far..."
    that paycheck he's cashing must be HUGE, because he was almost able to tell that lie with conviction.

  2. Oh god, the Hoover myth.

    And what the heck? So McCain lost the election. This is somehow a verdict on the veracity of his economic policy if 1.) it was a single-issue campaign and 2.) whatever the majority decides upon is right (does Maddow believe Bush was a good president because he won the election? does his success at the polls vindicate his economic policy?)

    Ugh... and then she tries to lecture people on "day 2" economic lessons. Oh well, she's a paid entertainer.

  3. Rachael is a ditz too bad she dosen't have blond hair. I am thinking that she looks like a dyke