Friday, January 8, 2010

Coming Soon: A Million Man Phony Boost to Jobs Numbers

They won't be making droid apps, waiting on you in a restaurant, or providing any useful service. They are going to a bunch of newly indoctrinated government employees that will be snooping into your life.

The result will be that these snoops getting jobs as snoops will be hailed as a turnaround in the economy and will actually be recorded not only as a boost in employment but the snooping will be recorded as an increase in GDP!

The U.S. Census Bureau is about to start hiring as many as 1 million workers at up to $24 an hour as it gears up for the once-a-decade counting of every American this year.

Once the snooping is over, they will be back on the unemployment lines.


  1. I think it's important for free marketeers to get in on the act as well. I plan on getting one of those jobs, just so I know it's not soooo biased in my neighborhood.

    How much do you want to wager that this will become a "save or create" statistic?

  2. At my household they will get only the answer "2" and be told to get the *&^% off of the property.

    BTW, are these to be actual government employees, or with some "community organization"? I worry about accidentally bodily removing a federal employee but the trespasser last year (!) was only with ACORN... he kept saying "I am leaving" while taking pictures and entering data and NOT leaving until I tapped his shoulder and got into his face.

  3. They won't be gathering ANY information from my household or address.

    James B

  4. Wenzel,

    I am getting concerned. Most of the people I have met here recently have been government employees. Last night I met five people, here were their occupations:

    1.) Former Clinton Foundation intern, Masters in Public Health, couldn't find a job, took a position as a health inspector with a local government, bragged that she just shut down a restaurant yesterday
    2.) Public school teacher, been employed 2 yrs and planning to "retire" in three months to travel for a bit, utilizing his retirement drawdown (already?!)
    3.) Two young women, from southern Spain... both employees of the Spanish government, here as part of a partnership agreement teaching Spanish in public schools
    4.) Student at Seton Hall, getting a Masters in Diplomatic Relations, interning with UN and preparing to intern with EU in Brussels in a few months.

    I know it's anecdotal, it's one evening and it's not scientific but this is getting to be a regular weekend occurrence for me... creepy.