Thursday, January 21, 2010

EPJ Obtains List of Attendees to Treasury Secretary Geithner's Private Dinner

Below is the list of attendees at the private dinner hosted last night by Treasury Secretary Geithner.

According to a Treasury spokesperson, "Treasury Secretary Geithner hosted a number of bankers as part of Treasury's ongoing discussions with the financial sector. The group discussed financial reform and the proposed fee on large, highly-leveraged financial institutions."


Richard Davis, Chairman, President, and CEO, US Bancorp (Chair, Financial Services Roundtable)

Russell Goldsmith, President and CEO, City National Bank

Art Johnson, Chairman and CEO, United Bank of Michigan (Chair, American Bankers Association)

Robert Kelly, Chairman and CEO, The Bank of New York Mellon (Chair, Financial Services Forum)

Kelly King, President and CEO, BB&T

Brian Moynihan, President and CEO, Bank of America

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