Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heavy Voter Turnout in Massachusetts

It's going to be a nailbiter.

Polls taken over the last couple of days of likely voters show Republican Scott Brown with a slight lead over Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. But a heavy voter turnout, which appears to be the case, favors Coakley as the more energized Brown's supporters were most likely to vote under any circumstances. The heavy vote likely means that more Coakley supporters are headed to vote than pollsters originally anticipated.


  1. I read that there are more independent voters than registered democrats in MA. Could this mean that the independents are swelling the voter turnout? Perhaps the results will run contrary to expectations of political pros.

    Ultimately it won't matter - conservative or liberal politicians always have special interest groups on which to spend taxpayer money. Don't vote it only encourages them.

  2. Don't vote? Then don't complain.

  3. @Efinancial

    I think you are right. It's very fluid, not necessarily because the pollsters counted wrong a couple of days ago, but so much negative stuff on Coakley has come out in the last two days that the heavy voter turnout cold me independents who are jumping on the Brown bandwagon in the last couple of days.

    That said, the reports I have seen all report heavy turnouts in West Roxbury, which would be heavy Obama country.

    It's a horse race.

  4. To first anonymous, I agree completely with Efinancial. I say: don't vote and then complain.

    Voting has become about who you can tax and who you can bomb.

    Personally, I don't want to be involved in either and I understand that in this system, as it is now, voting doesn't change much except on the margin.

  5. Horse race or horse trade?
    How many fraudulent votes (thanks, Ed Schultz) will never be investigated and even if Brown wins, what backroom deals won't be arranged to make sure the "reform" debacle continues onward?

  6. Perfect campaign for Brown. Excitement here amazing
    Friends who voted for Obama switched to Brown.
    Radio is saying Brown big