Thursday, January 7, 2010

How To Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

By Bonsri Dickinson

While our obsession with cell phones heats up, so does the debate over the link between cell phones and brain cancer. Fortunately, like any other risky habit, there is now protection against it. You can protect your head from radiation with special cell phone cases.

Pong Research showed off their new Blackberry case at CES in Las Vegas. They claimed that it offers 60% protection from radiation. They already created a case for the iPhone. I know because I have one. But sadly, the bright green iPhone case is collecting dust. I didn’t want to replace my pretty pink case (the one with no radiation protection) for the green one just yet.

But is the anti-radiation claim a bunch of baloney?

The only way to avoid cell phone radiation is to not own a cell phone or just don’t make calls, which totally defeats the point of having a phone that is mobile. As Wired pointed out, “radiation is the signal!” But Wired went into the radiation lab and confirmed that the company’s claims actually are true. The anti-radiation case does reduce the radiation exposure without compromising the strength of the signal.

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