Friday, January 29, 2010

Roubini Wants a New Nickname

Following on the heels of the GMUers change of their blog name from Austrian Economists to, I don't know, something about problems, Nouriel Roubini wants a name change of his own.

Kim Kahn at CNBC reports:
“Dr. Doom” isn’t cutting it anymore for Nouriel Roubini.

The nickname came from the headline of an August 2008 "New York Times" article. It was basically a portrait piece of the man who had predicted the current economic crisis.But while it was “cute” at the time, it’s becoming wearisome and doesn’t accurately reflect his opinions, he told me.

And he’s armed with an alternative: Dr. Realism.
I think Dr. Insider would be more accurate. The man's connected. I would suggest Mack Daddy, for the time he puts in with the ladies, but I don't think his connection rate is that high after dark.


  1. connected indeed. Not only here in the US, all over the world : Middle-est, europe, china(?) etc

    A true insider. I wonder why he is still teaching at NYU and not on wallst or trading/IB - he could make some serious dough.

    ladies? he is all over them as well. Nice cool manhattan party pad, doing all nighters over the weekend.

    This guy is movie material.

  2. Dr. Realism?! What a hoot! And the reason he's not trading is because he doesn't trust his own reputation as a prognosticator. He's made dozens of predictions and none have proved accurate. Even the one he is famous for is PR bull****. He hasn't a clue about what caused the most recent financial problems. See this article for a good review:

    His nickname should be Dr. Charlatan.

  3. How about Dr. Keynesian Douche the III (Bernanke is the I and Krugman the II)?

    These guys are truly clueless, as are the people that party with them. I'd love to see unemployment/homelessness statistics for the various hangerson over the coming years... they've made such poor choices with their social careers I'd be shocked, shocked if they had made equally poor choices with their productive careers.

  4. Dr. Cant Get Girls Just Hover Creepily is actually the best name for him

    -Dr. Realism