Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is the Road Being Paved to Force Geithner to Leave?

As a House oversight committee prepares for a Wednesday hearing over the government’s handling of the American International Group’s bailout — an event that will feature testimony from Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner — more documents are emerging about efforts to keep details of that rescue confidential, as NYT puts it.

The key question to be asked is who is leaking the documents, chiefly emails? Clearly, it is not a Geithenr friendly. The slow leaking overtime, precisely timed to dovetail with Geithner's testimony Wednesday, looks like the work of a real professional hit man. Does anyone in the House want him gone from Treasury that bad? Unlikely. Geithner does make enemies of those that could damage him. The FDIC's Shelia Bair is the only enemy that comes to mind and she has nowhere near the power to do it.

This smells an awful lot like Rahm Emanuel work. Maybe the President can't take Geithner out directly and he needs Emanuel to do the job?

The new batch of emails are here.

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