Friday, January 15, 2010

JPMorgan Chase Q4 Earnings Quadruple

The bank run by President Obama's favorite banker, Jamie Dimon, is doing well under the Obama Administration.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. today reported fourth-quarter 2009 net income of $3.3 billion, compared with net income of $702 million in the fourth quarter of 2008. Earnings per share were $0.74, compared with $0.06 in the fourth quarter of 2008. For the full year of 2009, net income was $11.7 billion, or $2.26 per share, up from $5.6 billion, or $1.35 per share, in 2008.

During the crisis, JPMorgan Chase was gifted Bear Stearns and WaMu. These gifts are obviously paying off.

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  1. New York Magazine had a piece in 2007 that sorted the hedge-fund elites into categories like “brainiacs” (like James Simon and Jim Chanos) and “bad boys” (like Daniel Loeb).

    The category “Top dogs” (that is, the very best hedgies) includes SAC Capital Advisers/Steven Cohen ($12 b); Cerberus Capital/Stephen Feinberg ($19.5 b); Appaloosa Mgt/David Tepper ($5.3 b); ESL/Eddie Lampert ($18 b); Citadel Investment Group/Kenneth Griffin ($13.5 b); Manhattan/Michael Novogratz ($4.6b).

    [Note: the figures were as of 2007].

    This is the short list of the managers whom the industry thinks are top dogs and of these six, one (Feinberg) is directly connected to Drexel Burnham Lambert, convicted junk bond financier Michael Milken’s bank; another (Cohen) is connected indirectly to Milken through Gruntal & Co.; and three are alumni of Goldman Sachs(Tepper, Lampert, Novogratz).

    Five out of six and that’s just a cursory examination. I didn’t do anything more than google to get that.

    And the financial press thinks there are no Sith Lords?

    A more conventional ranking is found below: