Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest Poll Has Scott Brown Ahead

An exclusive 7NEWS/Suffolk University Poll shows Republican Scott Brown, with 50%, in front of Democrat Martha Coakley with 46%, in the special election that will be held Tuesday to fill the Senate seat vacant because of the death of Ted Kennedy. Independent Joe Kennedy gets 3% and just 1% is still undecided.

Suffolk Poll University pollster David Paleologos said, "Here's how the race breaks down. Scott Brown wins among men, Martha Coakley among women. Democrats: Coakley. Republicans and Independents: Brown, by a wide, wide margin."

Boston's Channel 7 News reports:
One reason for Coakley's collapse is her performance in debates. Nearly half of likely voters say they've seen one and asked who won -- 41% say Brown, 25% Coakley.

During the campaign Coakley said, "I want to be a leader who's ready to get real results on health care reform...”

And Coakley is not being helped by her pledge to help pass the Democrat's national health care bill. Fifty-one percent of likely voters here say no to it while 36% say yes. Sixty-one percent think Washington can't afford it.

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