Thursday, January 28, 2010

Major Inside Player Enters Infrastructure Arena

Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein has identified infrastructure as a key investment area for his firm. Now the uber insider, Felix Rohatyn, is getting in on the act.

He is heading back, at the age of 81, to his old investment banking firm, Lazard, where for decades he conducted insider deals. He's headed back as a result of the death of Bruce Wasserstein.

Rohatyn is "aiming to fix America's roads and bridges and take the firm to new heights,' reports NyPo.

Rohatyn told NyPo that he sees Lazard playing a major role in America's infrastructure, underwriting bonds to fund projects and obtaining financing from foreign investors "to relieve the pressure on the American budget."

He also told NyPo he is going to do what he does best: "to continue pushing Washington to spend on infrastructure". Translation: Rohatyn is making one more run at your pocketbook, before he kicks.

"There will be a big infrastructure program hopefully modeled after Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal," Rohatyn said.


  1. It also sounds like Lazard wants to pick up trading operations dumped by banks under the Volcker rule.

  2. This piece talks about private equity benefiting should banks have to shed investment activities. Worth the read: