Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The March Towards War

The United States and five other countries have tentatively agreed to meet this weekend to discuss what to do about Iran's nuclear defiance of the UN Security Council, officials told The Associated Press.
The meeting would bring together political directors - who report directly to their foreign ministers - from the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.
Officials from two of those countries said the meeting would likely be held in New York City on Saturday. The officials offered no details on the discussions, but the US and its Western allies are expected to push for a fourth set of sanctions to punish Teheran for defying Security Council demands that it mothball its uranium enrichment program. The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because their information was confidential.


  1. Sounds like Yalta all over again, where the Big 3, Churchill, ( that rabid war monger), Roosevelt,( the Traitor to his country- how do I know this? Let me count the ways)- and Stalin, (that Slaughterer Psycho- to the tune of 50-100+ million people, incl. Russians, Ukrainians, East. Europeans), met together.

    Yalta in Iran, btw.
    (What irony!)

    Sounds like the Big 3 meeting where they decided how to surround Germany and destroy it - utterly! Which they did! For the temerity of Germany surging to the Highest Success- without the World Banksters.

    Today, documents show that Hitler did not attack Poland - the Polish Government asked for help - -Because Stalins was lining his war machine all up and down the Plish Border - Hitler knew what was coming!

    Having learned my lesson, from previous False Flag actions of the U.S. I am on the side of the Defenders of Iran!

    As any living, aware Human Being would. This time, though, the Iranians - this 2nd generation after Khomeini- this generation that leans towards the West, and is sympathetic to the U.S.- AT THE MOMENT - this time, the Defenders will NOT wait passively, like the poor Iraqis (who thought the U.S. Military was their friend)- this time, the Defenders, the Iranians will use everything at hand- cityfolk & country folk- man, woman & child - to prevent an invasion. Because they know, they KNOW, that being passive, friendly, helpful will do NOTHING to help them!

    It's NOT about Al-Quaida, you know, there is NO Al-Quaida!

    It's many reasons:
    1-Israel warring for world supremacy. The zionists, religious or not, still follow the thinking of Jehovah, that Psycho Creature, whatever you think it is! (And the poor Nobody jews, follow along, like a buffalo with a ring in its nose. Man, are they EVER duped!).

    2-The U.S. is the puppet of israel- why else would the U.S> suddenly decide to stockpile $800 Billion'S worth of military weaponry in Israel - with the provision that Israel can use the weaponry in an emergency?

    3- Another reason, is the Opium/Heroin business.

    Among others.

    But these Creatures ruling this Planet, don't care about Humanity. They are quite willing to drop uranium bombs all over the place- knowing quite well, that the radiation will spread all over, and effect us- adversely.

    It's killing us, right now, in the very U.S. where we sit.

    Is that a sign that tptb are watching out for us- giving thought to our benefit?

    No! So this is a very sign, that the Creatures ruling this Planet, are NOT Human!

    They have NO Souls!

    I am on the side of the Defenders of this Earth, and Humanity!

  2. Wenzel,

    Jon Stewart interviewed the Navy admiral on the JCOS a couple nights ago and he seemed to hint that 1.) there would be US troops on the ground in Yemen soon (there's likely already "military advisors" there) and 2.) Pakistan-proper would be attacked/invaded. He also signalled that the military is interested in finding ways to drag more Americans into the cost-side of the conflict, to make more Americans share in the suffering of waging these wars.

  3. Quote from Anonymous: "Yalta in Iran, btw."

    Yalta is in Ukraine.