Monday, January 18, 2010

The Return of Gordon Gekko

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps is the sequel to Wall Street and Vanity Fair has a clip as Annie Leibovitz photographs Michael Douglas in conjunction with the film.

Here's VF's attempt at decoding what the film will be about:
When Gekko comes out of prison, in the beginning of this movie, he essentially has to redefine himself,” says Stone. “He’s looking for that second chance.”

He gets it in a plot that pivots around Shia LaBeouf as Jacob “Jake” Moore, a hungry young hedge-funder who is dating Gekko’s estranged daughter, Winnie, played by Carey Mulligan. Jake believes that his boss, Bretton James, played by the omnipresent Josh Brolin, has somehow had a hand in the death of Jake’s mentor. Gekko agrees to aid the fresh-faced Jake in his plans for revenge.

Yes, the world has changed, but can Gordon Gekko? Douglas, for one, is playing things coy. “Gekko couldn’t manipulate the markets like he did back then,” he says. “It’s so big, so huge, that to be a minor player you need to be a major bank.” Or want to be. Hmm.
Uh, fact check: In Wall Street, Gekko didn't "manipulate markets". He was a takeover artist and inside trader.

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