Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Shady Outfit Called Aurum Advisors

There's a gold/platinum coin outfit called Aurum Advisors that operates a number of web sites where they sell gold coins, silver coins and platinum coins.

I don't know anything about these characters except that they continue to spam the comments section here at EPJ with links to their coin sale web sites. It's a sleazy thing to do.

In my experience sleaze operators don't tend to keep their sleazy operations to one part of their business. When it's sleazy, it's generally sleazy all around. With that in mind, I would be more confident buying a gold, silver or platinum coin from Hank Paulson than these characters.

If they continue to spam, I will dig deeper into these characters and report back. That's Aurum Advisors, note it.


  1. I also was cheated by Aurum Advisors--do not do business with these liars. Total sleazy scumbags, the FBI needs to get involved with these people.

  2. They will tell you the have the coins in stock, then take your money, then won't deliver. In my case it's been six months since they received my check and have yet to send my coins or return my funds when I demanded one.