Saturday, January 16, 2010

Washington D.C.'s Plan for Catastrophe

News of roaming gangs in Haiti brings to mind what an advance man for former President Clinton told me about government plans should a catastrophic event hit Washington D.C.

He told me that the government has a list of all the names of all the top level leaders of gangs, drug dealers etc. in the city. If it's clear that a catastrophic event has hit, or is about to hit, the government will send out assassination teams to take out the top levels of these groups.

He claims all these guys have huge stockpiles of weapons and the government realizes that under catastrophic conditions they may not be able to control all the looting and rampaging, but they at least want to neutralize those that have enough firepower to end up controlling parts of the city.


  1. Makes you wonder how many libertarians are on that list...

  2. I don't doubt such a draconian plan exists.

    But based on the past few years, I would question if their list is even close to accurate. Look at Iraq or Afghanistan. Intentional or not, (I think not) the original objectives in those missions have evaporated. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if, under some horrible crisis, they ended up killing the wrong people.

    And while the government is excellent at destroying large things, see the economy, New Orleans, Iraq, etc. I don't think a large number of single targets is going to be as easy as the plan assumes.